Personal Information
Name Dr. Purnanand Savoikar
Gender Male
Birth Date 04/12/1969
Designation PROFESSOR
Date of Joining 13/08/2014
Area of Interest Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering; Concrete Technology, Alternate Materials; Steel Structures
Contact Information
Email Address
Phone [Residence] 083202336314
Phone [Mobile] 09922732822
Address Information
Address B4-204, Enchanting Greens, Khadpabandh
State GOA
Country INDIA
Academic Information
Degree/Diploma Description
1 Master of Engineering(ME)   GEC
2 PhD   IIT Bombay
Projects Guided
Sr.No UG/PG Project/Dissertation Year Title
1 PG Dissertation 2022 Strength Behaviour Of Cement Stabilized Rammed Earth Walls for G+2 Load Bearing Structure
2 PG Dissertation 2022 Use of Marble/Granite tile waste as partial replacement for coarse aggregates and fine aggregates in concrete
3 PG Dissertation 2022 N.D.T. and Retrofitting of R.C.C. Building in Goa
4 PG Dissertation 2022 Comparative study of pile foundation and piled raft for multistory building
5 PG Dissertation 2022 Design of piled retaining walls for rail double tracking project of RVNL
6 PG Dissertation 2021 Design and construction difficulties for underground metro projects
7 PG Dissertation 2021 Laterite based geopolymer concrete
8 PG Dissertation 2021 Rheology of concrete
9 PG Dissertation 2021 Assessment of residual service life of concrete structures
10 PG Dissertation 2021 Analysis of damaged cables of cable stayed bridges
11 PG Dissertation 2020 Developing of design charts using FRP bars as reinforcements
12 PG Dissertation 2020 Seismic invisibilty cloaking
13 PG Dissertation 2020 Analysis and design of PT slabs for an Industrial Building in Goa
14 PG Dissertation 2020 Different techniques for onsite corrosion measurements for steel structures
15 PG Dissertation 2020 Utilisation of industrial and agricultural waste ashes as partial replacement for sand
16 PG Dissertation 2019 Strength and fire behaviour of concrete using PET fibres
17 PG Dissertation 2019 Vibration analysis and isolation of building located near railway track
18 PG Dissertation 2018 Flexural strengthening of beams by using pultruded carbon fibre reinforced polymer
19 PG Dissertation 2018 Optimisation of beams using flexible formwork
20 PG Dissertation 2018 Passive fire and corrosion protection of steel structures
21 PG Dissertation 2021 Settlement, seepage and stability issues for dams in Goa
22 PG Dissertation 2021 Case study on stability of slope at Salaulim water treatment plant area
23 PG Dissertation 2020 Different techniques for liquefaction mitigation
24 PG Dissertation 2020 Ground modification techniques for deep soft soils
25 PG Dissertation 2020 Seismic behaviour of building resting on geotextile reinforced foundation
26 PG Dissertation 2019 Strength behaviour of lateritic rocks in Goa
27 PG Dissertation 2019 Geotechnical investigations and ground improvement techniques for soft lateritic soils in Goa
28 PG Dissertation 2018 Monitoring, control and mapping of landslides in Goa
29 PG Dissertation 2017 Experimental study on enhancement of bearing capacity of soil
30 PG Dissertation 2017 Advances in analysis, design and construction of tunnels in soft soils
31 PG Dissertation 2017 Advances in soil nailing design and construction
32 PG Dissertation 2017 Design and construction of energy piles foe multistoried buildings
33 PG Dissertation 2017 Effect of soil structure interaction on seismic response of buildings resting on different types of foundations
34 PG Dissertation 2016 Stabilisation of mine roads in Goa using waste materials
35 PG Dissertation 2016 Improvement in CBR values of soil using geosynthetics
36 PG Dissertation 2016 Soil structure interaction of adjacent tall buildings on foundations
37 PG Dissertation 2016 Floating and anchored foundations
38 PG Dissertation 2016 Pseudo-static stability analysis of MSW landfills in Goa
39 PG Dissertation 2016 Soil stabilization using microfine GGBS
40 PG Dissertation 2016 Effects of leachate on soil and its mitigation at Sonsodo and Saligao dump sites
41 PG Dissertation 2015 Study of construction over closed landfill
42 PG Dissertation 2015 Design of reinforced earth wall using flyash
43 PG Dissertation 2015 Effectiveness of blended soil as liner material
44 PG Dissertation 2015 Static, seismic and back analysis of slopes in Goa
45 PG Dissertation 2015 A study on monitoring and control of landslides in State of Goa
46 PG Dissertation 2014 Design and analysis of pile supported embankments
47 PG Dissertation 2014 Analysis of foundations for shallow water offshore steel gravity platforms
48 PG Dissertation 2014 Load-settlement response of model footings in sand
49 PG Dissertation 2014 Comparison between static and high strain dynamic pile load tests
50 PG Dissertation 2014 Design of lightweight fills using EPS Geofoam
51 PG Dissertation 2013 Stress-strain response of plastic waste mixed soil
52 PG Dissertation 2012 Seismic response analysis of embankments resting on different types of foundations
53 PG Dissertation 2011 Static and seismic stability analysis of landfills
Sr.No Year Achievements
1 2022 Authored Chapter on "Soils & Rocks in Goa" in the book "Geotechnical Characteristics of Soils and Rocks in India" published by Taylor & Francis, UK
2 2021 Published "Text Book of Concrete Technology" authored by Dr. N V Nayak, Dr. K G Guptha & Dr. Purnanand P Savoikar
3 2019 Two Springer Best Paper Awards in ICRDSI-2019 by KIIT Bhubaneswar
4 2018 Member, Technical Committee TC-107 (Residual Soils) of ISSMGE since 2018
5 2018 Academician Award by Indian Plumbing Association
6 2018 Atlas Award by Elsevier Science Direct for paper titled "Performance of structural concrete with recycled plastic waste as a partial replacement for sand" authored by 10. Thorneycroft, J., Orr, J., Savoikar, P. and Ball, R.
7 2016 Chairman, Indian Geotechnical Society, Goa Chapter since October 2016