Personal Information
Gender Male
Birth Date 03/08/1964
Date of Joining -
Area of Interest Electromagnetic field, High voltage Engineering, Renewable Energy
About B.E in Electrical from Goa college of Engineering and Joined on 03/09/1996 as a Assistant Professor, Completed M.E in Power Engineering and Completed Ph.D from IISC bangalore Presently working as a Professor. He has Work experience of 23 years and Industry Experience: 05 years Holds Additional responsibility as a Head of The Department from 2014.
Contact Information
Email Address
Phone [Residence] 0832-2336331
Phone [Mobile] 9420978274
Address Information
State GOA
Country INDIA
Academic Information
Degree/Diploma Description
1 Doctor of Philosophy(PhD)   IISC, Bangaluru
2 Doctor of Philosophy(PhD)  
Paper Published
Sr.No Publication Type Paper Title Details Date
1 International Conference System Response To Electrical Transients trough frequency domain Transfer function Domain - International Conference on Computing, Communication and Energy system-2016, RIT, Islampur, Maharastra 29/Jan/2016
2 International Journal "Design and Develop an automated and Integrated Test System for Product Life Cycle and Simulations" International Journal of Advance Research in science and Engineering 03/Apr/2018
3 International Conference Design and Develop an automated and Integrated Test system for product Life cucle and simulations 11 th International conference on recent innovations in science Engineering and Management Pune India 07/Apr/2018
4 International Conference Design and Development of an Automated and Integrated Test System for IEC-60870_5-104 Communication Protocol and product life cycle International Conference on Trends in Electronics and Informatics, SCAD College of Engineering, Tamilnadu 11/May/2018
Other Information
Sr. No Title Description
1 Chairman, BOS Electrical & Electronics Chairman of Board of studies since Dec 2019. Drafted the course syllabus of RC19-20 Scheme AS PER AICTE Model Curriculum Cordinated the drafting of Minor Degree In Electrical Vehicle
Courses/Seminar Attended
Sr.No Name of Courses Venue Duration
1 NBA Guidelines and quality management NITTR PORVORIUM 7-11-2016 TO 11-11-2016
2 Role of Technical Teacher NITTR PORVORIUM 17-04-2017 to 21-04-2017
3 Rainwater harvesting and Human resource management NITTR PORVORIUM 11-12-2017 to 15-12-2017
4 NBA Accreditation NITTR PORVORIUM 17-7-2017 to 21-7-2017
5 Skill development opportunities NITTR PORVORIUM 2018-04-20
6 ISTE STTP on Electric Power System IIT BombayX 12/06/2017 - 15/07/2017
Projects Guided
Sr.No UG/PG Project/Dissertation Year Title
1 UG Project 2016-2017 Design of Wheelchair for Staircase climbing
2 UG Project 2016-2017 Modified Energy meter and Bill payment using RFID
3 UG Project 2017-2018 LED Driver circuit
4 UG Project 2017-2018 Smart Room with automatic control of electrical appliances
5 UG Project 2018-2019 Automatic Emergency power supply with solar backup
6 UG Project 2018-2019 IOT based Garbage Management and Monitoring System
7 PG Dissertation 2017-18 Design and development of an automated test system for product life cycle load simulation
8 PG Dissertation 2016-17 Development of endurance test setup to validate the reliability of relay hardware
9 PG Dissertation 2016-17 Design of replaceable driver circuit for LED bulbs
Sr.No Year Achievements
1 2019 Written Book " Basic Electrical Engineering " based on model AICTE syllabus
2 Signed MoU with South Dakota
Subjects Taught
Sr.No Subject Taught
1 Basics of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
2 Electro-Magnetic Theory
3 Electrical Power
4 High Voltage Engineering
Equipment Procured
Sr.No Equipment Laboratory
1 100 kV Cascaded Tranformer High Voltage Laboratory