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Gender Male
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Designation PROFESSOR
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Area of Interest Power Electronics, Electronic Devices & Circuits, FACTS
About He completed B.E in Electrical from Karnataka University and Joined as a Assistant Professor at GEC on 06-03-1986. He completed M.Tech from IIT Bombay Presently working as Professor in Goa College of Engineering from 29 -08-2005 Work experience: 33 Years And holding Additional responsibility: G-CET Chairman, ISEA Project Coordinator, Ph.D Guide, DEAN Faculty of Engineering
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Academic Information
Degree/Diploma Description
1 Doctor of Philosophy(PhD)   IIT Bombay
Paper Published
Sr.No Publication Type Paper Title Details Date
1 International Conference Review of FPGA based Control for Switch Mode Converters IEEE -ICECCT International Conference SVS College of Engineering, Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu on 22/2/2017 to 24/2/201 -- IEEE Publication 24/Feb/2017
2 International Conference Design of healthcare system using IoT enabled application” Conference -- International Conference University of Jaffna Srilanka, 06/Feb/2018
3 International Conference Fuzzy Adaptive Relay Settings for Distribution Network with DG -6, doi: 10.1109/NPEC47332.2019.9034762. 13/Dec/2019
4 International Conference Cognitive Analysis of Data Mining Tools Application in Health Care Services VIT VELLORE 24/Feb/2020
5 International Conference Real Time Monitoring of LED Lighting Loads - A study assessing Power Quality VIT vellore 24/Feb/2020
6 International Conference FPGA based PI controller for a Buck Converter VIT Vellore 28/Feb/2020
7 International Journal Controller Design and Analysis for a Buck Converter ITEE Journal Volume 9, Issue 5 pp. 36-44 01/Aug/2020
8 International Journal Adaptive relay settings for distribution network with distributed generation (DG) using Sugeno fuzzy Issue 1, Volume 22, page 43-58 01/Feb/2021
9 International Journal Comparative Analysis of Feature Selection Based Machine Learning Methods for Heart Disease Predictio Volume 10, Issue 1 pp. 36-44 01/Feb/2021
10 International Journal FPGA based improved control scheme for a Buck Converter Issue 3, March 2021, pp. 278-288 01/Mar/2021
11 International Journal Measurement Setup Based on Zynq SoC FPGA for Real Time Monitoring of Grid System Parameters 01/Aug/2021
12 International Conference Comparative Analysis of Powr Quality using Wavelets IEEE 7th Power India International Conference PIICON 2017 -- IEEE Publication 01/Mar/9999
Projects Guided
Sr.No UG/PG Project/Dissertation Year Title
1 PG Dissertation 2016-17 An AC-DC flyback converter for outdoor LED lighting
2 PG Dissertation 2018-19 Analysis of Power quality disturbances in highly distorted system
3 UG Project 2020-2021 Smart lighting control and monitoring of street light.
4 PG Dissertation 2021-2022 DC-DC load converter using Planar transformer
Sr.No Year Achievements
2 2016 PhD Research Guide , Research center Goa College of Engineering
3 Worked as Principal Of Goa College of Engineering for Five years
4 Information Security Awarness Project Chief conductor
5 GCET Chairman
6 Worked as Expert for National Board of Accreditation (NBA).
7 Worked as Expert member under AICTE for approval of new colleges
Subjects Taught
Sr.No Subject Taught
1 Power Electronics
2 Flexible AC Transmission
3 Electronic Devices and Circuits
4 Control Engineering
5 Power Quality
6 Electronic Instrumentation
7 Electronic Devices and Circuits
8 Solid State Devices
9 Electrical Drives