Student Clubs


We at the FOSS Community GEC are a bunch of people who love free and open source software. The club was created to connect with other FOSS enthusiasts, both in our college and beyond. Everyone is welcome at our events, from first year college students to working professionals.We strive to nurture the culture of open source and collaborative software development in our college and encourage students across Goa to contribute to open source software projects.

Coders Club

GEC Coders Club is a group of student technology enthusiasts within Goa College Of Engineering. Started with the aim to bridge the gap between college requirements and industry need, this club also conducts various events to bring up caliber of the programmers graduating from our collegeThe club conducts various trainings, hands-on sessions,  competitive coding competitions etc, to encourage students and give them confidence to participate in such competition on larger scale.  For more updates on the group kindly follow us on the LinkedIn

Music Club

At the music club, we strive to ensure that everyone including people with and without musical background come together to learn and enjoy various forms of music.We conduct regular jams and open mics and of late regular catch-up meets online to ensure that everyone is up to speed with the latest trends in the music industry.As far as the achievements of our club are concerned, we've won many intercollege events at state level and have participated in national-level events.The music club which started off as small group of music lovers who would jam at any spot in the college, now has a full equipped music room with several instruments including a drum kit, a keyboard and guitars.The music club is open to everyone whether or not you possess a skill or two in music, however, we have an inner circle which comprises of the core club members who are skilled/experienced and have shown a lot of engagement and fondness for the club

Art & Literary Club

The purpose of the club on campus is to provide students with an opportunity to unleash their potential for creativity and talent. While it gives students a chance to meet their fellow mates with diverse interests and background for every activity conducted, it also helps in expanding the horizon of their thinking. It helps them hone their social and leadership skills and entertain plurality of opinions and thought. Participating in the activities of the club is fun and relatively stress free. It also aims at inculcating reading habits, participating  in informal discussions, formal activities like debate and essay writing. At the core of the club’s interest is the flowering of the overall personality development of the student.  

Drama Club

A The drama club of GEC was formally established in August 2018, but the students have been carrying the essence of it for a long time. We provide a platform for any student who wants to express themselves through performing arts and everything that accompanies it.We work closely with the student council to ensure that our students get a chance to participate in various activities such as college fests, competitions, street plays, one-act plays, short films and more.The drama club has its independent council and a faculty advisor to ensure flawless functioning which does not compromise our core values- creativity, equal opportunity, growth and teamwork.

Quiz Club

Founded in 2014 , this is GEC's own Quiz Club. We are a bunch of quizzing enthusiasts in GEC who love random trivia. This club is for all those quizzers out there who want to enjoy the experience of quizzing.