Registration for July - August 2021 Examination - Semester -V to VIII


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     All the eligible B.E. students of all Engineering Branches appearing for Examination of SEM-V to SEM-VIII in July– August 2021 are hereby informed to submit respective examination form online using the google form on or before 07/07/2021.(Last date of late registration is 09/07/2021 with late fees Rs 295/-) Google form Link is given below. There is a separate Google form for each Branchand each scheme, select the appropriate link and fill the appropriate Google form. 

The Examination fees will be calculate by the Institute as per Goa University circular and link to pay fees onlinewill be sent to student’s registered email id on 11/07/2021. Fees to be paid between 11/07/2021 to 13/07/2021.

NOTE:- The students can collectively appear for the maximum number of 12 papers ( Maximum 14 papers forcurrent ATKT Batch, Semester V of RC 16- 17) for July-August 2021 Examinations..


 Branch Registration Link
Civil Engineering (Scheme RC 2016-17)
(Scheme RC 2007-08) 
Mechanical Engineering (Scheme RC 2016-17)  Scheme RC 2007-08) 
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Scheme RC 2016-17)  (Scheme RC 2007-08) 
Electronics & Telecommunication
(Scheme RC 2016-17)  (Scheme RC 2007-08) 
Computer Engineering (Scheme RC 2016-17)  (Scheme RC 2007-08) 
Information Technology (Scheme RC 2016-17)  (Scheme RC 2007-08)
Mining Engineering (Scheme RC 2016-17) (Scheme RC 2007-08)


Below Table showing examination fees July - August 2021 Examinations

Details of Fees of Regular Exams Details of Fees of Regular Exams
Registration fee Rs.345 /-
+Cost of exam Form Rs.65/-
+Statement of marks Rs.90/-
Rs.345/- per paper (Gen-)
Rs.173 /- per paper  for (Reserved Category)
Rs.440/-Per pract/Oral (Gen ) & Rs.220/- per Pract/Oral

(Reserved Category)
Registration Fees Rs.345/-
+Cost of Exam Form Rs.65/-
+Statement of marks Rs.90/-
Rs.580/-per paper  (Gen)
Rs.290/- per paper  (Reserved Category)
Rs.880/-Per pract/Oral (Gen ) & Rs.440/- per Pract/Oral

(General Category)