E- Journal 
Working Hours from to Name of E Journal Subscription available Current Annual Budget Rs. Total Library area in sq m Library Networking Reprographic Facility No. of Multimedia PCs Reading Room Seating Capacity Bar Code or RF Tab book handling? Library Management Software?
9:00 hrs. to 20:00 hrs. IESTC E-JOURNAL (DELNET) & IEEE ASPP+POP FOR 20185 7,500,000 1911 Yes Y 10 200 Yes Yes

Number of library books titles/ Journals available
Programme Number of Titles Number of Volumes Number of Journals Published in India Number of Journals Published at Abroad Number of eBook Titles - PG Number of eBook Volumes - PG Number of eBook Titles - UG Number of eBook Volumes - UG  
ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY 27,426 91,721 2,932 133 2,300 2,200 2,200 2,200