Information of Infrastructure and Other Resources Available

Number of class Rooms and size of each.
Number of Tutorial rooms and size of each..
Number of Laboratories and size of each..
Number of Drawing Halls with capacity of each.
Number of Computer Centres with capacity of each.
Central Examination Facility, Number of rooms and capacity of each.
Barrier Free Built Environment for disabled and elderly persons..
Occupancy Certificate.
Fire and Safety Certificate
Hostel Facilities

Laboratory and Workshop.

Computting Facilities.

    Internet Bandwidth.
    Number and configuration of system.
    Total number of system connected by LAN.
    Total number of system connected by WAN.
    Major software package available.
    Special purpose facilities available.

Innovation Cell.

Social Media Cell.

Compliance of the National Academic Depository (NAD), applicable to PGCM/PGDM Institutions and University Departments.

List of facilities available.

    Games and Sports Facilities.
    Extra-Curricular Activities.
    Soft Skill Development Facilities.

Teaching Learning Process.

    Curricula and syllabus for each of the programmes as approved by the University.
    Academic Calender of the University.
    Academic Time Table with the name of the Faculty members handling by the Course.
    Teaching Load of each Faculty.
    Internal Continuous Evaluation System and place.
    Student's assessment of Faculty, System in place.

For each Post Graduate Courses give the following.

    Title of the Course.
    Curricula and Syllabi
    Laboratories Facilities exclusive to the Post Graduate Course.

Special Purpose

    Software, all design tools in case
    Academic Calendar and frame work