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One of the most important student’s resources, the college library which is fully computerized housed in a spacious separate building located left side of main building. Library can accommodate more than 300 students at reference and reading room sections. The central library is ever expanding and currently holds more than 87,000 books and a number of periodicals, magazines and journals. In addition departmental libraries are functional. Underprivileged students are provided with book bank facility whereby the students can borrow 25 to 30 prescribed books up to a period of one year. In addition multimedia / CD section has a large collection of resources. The library has a rich collection of books on engineering and technology as well as as mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Management. The library facilities are extended to student from 9.00 A.M. to 8.00 P.M. The students requiring library facility should to register at library and obtain library cards.

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